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Sunset Suzuki Academy

Studio Policies as of 2022-2023

The following rules pertain to anyone entering the piano studio. No exceptions.

  • No electronics may be used in the studio unless you are using them to take notes or record video information. This includes, but is not limited to: smart phones, tablets, computers, portable gaming devices, etc. 

  • Go to the bathroom BEFORE you begin your lesson. For children under the age of 5 coming to the studio, parents must accompany them in the studio bathroom.

  • Have all books ready when the lesson starts. If attending lessons in person, hand all books to the teacher before you bow to begin the lesson.

  • Wear shoes AND socks. Remove shoes when you come in the door.

  • Have fingernails cut, hair done, clothes on correctly etc. BEFORE you arrive at your lesson. Lesson start time will not be delayed for any reason.

  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or cologne in consideration of those with allergies.

  • Have the recording playing at least 4 hours every day.

  • Regular practice at least five days per week is expected and regular practice every day is recommended. 

  • Must have an acoustic piano to practice on at home. Electronic keyboards have their place, but we are learning to play and listen to the beautiful tone of a piano, not a keyboard. Adjustable bench and footstools also required.

  • Unless otherwise instructed, a parent must sit with and help the child during every practice session.

  • Parent practicing with the student MUST attend EVERY lesson and take notes.

  • Be on time for your lesson. Persistent lateness or absence, particularly if I have not been notified, may be grounds for expulsion from the studio.

  • 24-hour notice of a lesson cancellation is required unless due to unforeseen accident or sickness.

  • 2 makeup lessons are allowed per student per year. Understand, however, that my schedule may not easily allow for these makeups and they must be performed within a month of the original missed lesson. Please make every effort to attend every scheduled lesson. Lessons missed due to teacher cancellation will, of course, always be made up.

  • Observation of other lessons is expected. 

  • Group lesson attendance is expected.

  • Students must attend Fall and Spring Recitals and performance will be expected unless the student is still at the Pre-Twinkle level. All effort will be made to make the time and location convenient for everyone.

  • Clothing must not display inappropriate, explicit or offensive messages. 

  • Jewelry may not hinder playing the piano in any way: No rings, watches, earrings that hang more than an inch down from your ear.

  • Parents, please be sure that recital attire will allow your child to play comfortably (i.e. no extremely voluminous skirts, tight bodices, clothing that is much too small, etc.) Be sure and try on the clothes a week ahead of time and practice your recital piece wearing those clothes!

  • Should you decide to quit piano study, I must receive notice before your lesson time. No refund for payments already made will be given but you will not be responsible for any payments that may remain on your contract.

  • Always treat your teacher, your parent, your child, your fellow student, your spouse or partner and anyone else you meet with respect and compassion. Remember Suzuki is not just about playing the piano!

**Health Precautions (Applicable as of 2021)** 

  • All students and parents (and other children in the studio) must follow a standard vaccination schedule unless they are excluded for health or religious reasons. In these instances, the student or any other unvaccinated family member must wear a mask at all times in the studio. 

  • COVID-19 POLICY: Until further notice, I will require proof of vaccination from COVID-19 before any person may physically enter the studio. Even with proof of vaccination, all will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing until further notice. Should the situation change, I will strictly follow the CDC guidelines for safe interaction.

  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or shown symptoms in the 2 weeks before your lesson, a negative test will be required before you may return to the studio for an in-person lesson. If you are feeling well despite testing positive, we will have an online lesson at your allotted time.